Petit précis de laïcité / sous la direction d’Eric Ferrand ; préface de Robert Badinter. (OCLC #875411748)

I added an access point for Eric Ferrand as an editor of compilation, but won’t be using that term much longer, as it turns out. Last week’s RDA tip was timely: the April 2014 update to RDA will remove “editor of compilation” as a relationship designator; this relationship will be grouped with “editor”.

Also, “writer of supplementary textual content” will be getting two new sub-relationships, “writer of afterword” and “writer of postface”. Why no “writer of foreword”? I think “preface” and “introduction” are different, as they are often written by the author or editor, where a foreword is typically written by a different person.

(Thanks for the heads-up on this change, le-champignon!)

 was complaining on twitter about this the other day: the lack of “writer of foreword” is inexplicable and quite often a problem.

What do you use for that relationship in your records? The broader “writer of supplementary textual content”? The slightly wrong “writer of preface”? No designator?

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