夏綠蒂的網 = Charlotte’s web / 懷特 (E. B. White) 著;威廉斯 (Garth Williams) 圖;黃可凡譯. (OCLC #56323966)

In this Chinese edition of Charlotte’s Web, the illustrations of Charlotte’s words in the web (like “some pig”) are done with Chinese characters (something like 非凡豬, meaning “extraordinary pig”). Cute!

To build the call number, I took the call number for our existing copy of Charlotte’s web and extended using the Translation table to indicate a Chinese translation.

PS3545.H5187 C43 1952 - our existing copy of Charlotte's web
PS3545.H5187 C43127 2003 - Chinese translation

(Thanks to Chinese-speaking friends for looking at this one!)

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