Otsuchi : moving forward from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami : a photo essay of a small town in Japan / Meiji Gakuin University Volunteer Center ; editing and design, Cody Rapley. (OCLC #889095202)

Most call numbers in Library of Congress Classification follow a pretty standard pattern: 1-3 capital letters, a number (possibly with a decimal part), one or two cutters, and sometimes a year. One exception is in call numbers for books about events like earthquakes, where the class number also includes a year for the occurrence (in addition to the year that might be in the “item number” part of the call number). For example, HV599 is for general works about earthquakes, but HV600 is for works about specific earthquakes by date, then subarranged by place, A-Z, and by author, A-Z.

This title about the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, so the first cutter is for Tōhoku, the region where that earthquake took place. The second cutter is for the main entry, which in this case is the title. This forms the call number:

HV600 2011 .T64 ǂb O87 2014

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