Treasures for the table : an exhibition of contemporary table settings, Majolica from Faenza = Tesori per la tavola : una mostra di servizi da tavola contemporanei in Maiolica di Faenza / organized by the Comune di Faenza and Istituto Italiano di Cultura of New York. (OCLC #12786063)

MARC field 041 is language code, which can include information about translation, or languages used for various parts of the resource (table of contents, abstracts, etc.) This piece has the field:

041 0_ ǂa itaeng

summarizing the language information found in this note:

546 __ ǂa Texts in Italian and English.

Including both codes “ita” and “eng” in one subfield is an older convention (made obsolete in 2001), and these days would be coded with repeated subfield a:

041 0_ ǂa ita ǂa eng

The most recent OCLC tech bulletin (264) says that, in their database, all 041 subfields that contain multiple MARC 21 language codes will be converted into separate subfields for each language code.

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