Cinémas d’Afrique francophone et du Maghreb / Denise Brahimi. (OCLC #37413829)

While you can search titles for words using diacritics in Connexion client (there is a button to Enter Diacritics), you will find them just as easily typing them without, like for “cinémas”, you can search:


Similarly, some punctuation between letters does not separate them into multiple words in the index, so you can search for “d’Afrique” as:


Words with apostrophes index with a space as well, so you could also find this record with the search:

"d afrique"

but this would not retrieve records where a right single quote (’) is used, like in this record, so I am usually happiest using no space.

Other punctuation marks have different behavior. For example, periods, commas or hyphens between words are equivalent to space, so this title is also retrieved by the search:


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