From slavery to the cooperative commonwealth : labor and republican liberty in the nineteenth century / Alex Gourevitch, Brown University. (OCLC #885983229)

The CIP record for this title included the following:

245 10 Labor republicanism and the cooperative commonwealth : ǂb
something of slavery still remains / ǂc Alex Gourevitch,
Brown University.

which is very different from the title that appears on the piece as published; I only found it by searching for the LCCN. (The original title is still in LC’s catalog). The list of chapters in the contents note was identical, which helped convince me that this was the same book.

I updated the CIP record in OCLC to reflect the information on the item as published, as instructed in OCLC’s guidelines. As described in OCLC’s Quality Assurance document, I was not able to change the ELvl, so left this as 8, and also left 263 in the record.

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