Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Medieval Canon Law : Boston College, 12-16 August 1963 / edited by Stephan Kuttner and J. Joseph Ryan. (OCLC #4289022)

This volume has text in multiple languages:

546 __ ǂa Text in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

which is also encoded in the 041 as:

041 0_ ǂa engfregeritaspa

This is hard to read and error-prone, as shown in a similar volume which had this encoded as

041 0_ engfregerha

There is no MARC language code “ha”; they are all three letters long. I have now corrected this record, and encoded in the current standard:

041 0_ ǂa eng ǂa fre ǂa ger ǂa ita

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