A scanning electron microscope survey of the epidermis of East African grasses / Patricia G. Palmer and Alice E. Tucker. (OCLC #6581357)

This set was published as part of the much larger series Smithsonian contributions to botany, but not consecutively in that series. This is reflected in the series statement:

490 1_ ǂa Smithsonian contributions to botany ; ǂv no. 49, 53, 55, 62, 67

but the notes in the record refer to volume numbers within the set (1-5). We have them shelved by SuDoc number in the larger series, so reflect this in the mfhd as:

    852 __ ‡b yl,sd ‡h SI 1.29:49, etc.
    866 41 ‡a no.1 ‡z [Shelved as: SI 1.29:49]
    866 41 ‡a no.2 ‡z [Shelved as: SI 1.29:53]

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