Очерки бурсы. Очерки третий и четвертый / ǂc H. Помяловский. (OCLC #903415003)

I generally prefer not to make individual monograph records for volumes of sets, but sometimes that’s all that I have.

This volume indicates that it is a portion of “Очерки бурсы”, and specifically that it contains essays 3 and 4. I confirmed this by looking at the full title in Hathitrust.

The title page contained the enumeration “Выпуск 4”, but what title is this issue 4 of? There was a phrase on the title page (“ Библиотека Классиков-Безбожников”) and another on the cover (“Художественная антирелигиозная библиотека”) with similar meanings, either of which could have been its series statement, but I wasn’t sure, so I just included it as a quoted note:

500 __ ǂa "Выпуск 4."

If the other volumes the series appears (in our collection or someone else’s) we can clarify then, but for now I’d hate to mislead anybody by guessing.

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