Introduction to numerical linear algebra and optimisation / Philippe G. Ciarlet with the assistance of Bernadette Miara and Jean-Marie Thomas for the exercises ; translated by A. Buttigieg. (OCLC #17301000)

Based on my initial search for this title (which did not return the best record), I wondered whether I could or should record a variant title which used the spelling “optimization” rather than “optimisation”.

The LC-PCC PS for on Recording Variant Titles includes best practices for types of variant titles to record, including:

If a title proper contains data within the first five words for which there could be an alternate form that would be filed differently, make a variant title under that form if it is thought that some users of the catalog might reasonably expect that form.

As “optimisation” is the seventh word, I did not include a variant title in the record, and will count on the discovery layer to provide any extra access.

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