Летопись по воскресенскому списку, Санкт петербург, Тип. Е. Пратса, 1856-1859. (OCLC #10600837)

I only have volume 2 of this set, and it doesn’t have its own title page; it has a table of contents which apparently covers the set (pagination: v, 1-301), and then starts with the content on page 71.

Fortunately, pages had a title “Воскресенская летопись” on the top of each page which was not the main title of the set, but was included in the record:

246 37 ǂa Воскресенская летопись

(second indicator 7 is for “running title”) so was helpful in finding a matching record!

I never did sort out what the “M&K” on the spine stood for.

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