Construction technology for high rise buildings : handbook / Bassem M. M. (OCLC #949269919)

This book’s title page has the author’s name as “Bassem M. M.” by includes the full name on the title page verso, “Bassem Mulia Mahmoud”. Following RDA 2.4.2, I recorded the statement of responsibility as found on the same source as the title proper (the title page):

    245 10 ǂa Construction technology for high rise buildings : 
        ǂb handbook / ǂc Bassem M. M.

I created the access point following RDA, choosing the fuller form when neither form predominates:

    100 1_ ǂa Mahmoud, Bassem Mulia, ǂe author.

Had I chosen the form with initials, how would I form the access point? Like below?

    M., Bassem M.

What about a version including the fuller form?

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