Primitive city : urbanism & typology 2013 / by University of Kentucky College of Design: Akari Takebayashi + Team Primitive City. (OCLC #953993155)

I had some trouble with the subject cataloging and classification of this title. Just looking at it, it had chapters about various topics, including the circus, towers, crop farming, and sheep herding. The stated objective and keywords (urbanism, utopia, infinity, etc.) were hard for me to break down and compose into subject headings, so I brought it to our monthly Third Thursday problem session for discussion.

After lengthy discussion, we decided on a general heading which seemed to cover the topic well:

    650 _0 ǂa Architecture ǂx Philosophy.

plus a detailed contents note, and other notes clarifying the context. We classified as Architecture, General special:

    NA2540 .P745 2013

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