Beitra╠łge zur Tabakforschung international. (OCLC #8415862)

This CD-ROM was included with the April 1999 issue of this journal, with no more explanation than appears on its label (“CD-ROM, Version 1.0, March 1999.”) Is it the previous issue? A supplement? An ad?

We warily put the CD into a modern-ish computer (Windows 7) to investigate, and found (among other things) NFO files: likely Folio Infobase files, given the Folio logo on the disc.

Not having a reader for such files handy (the one provided on the disc would run, but not read any of the files), we looked at other issues for more clues. Near the beginning of the November 1998 was a note that they would be issuing a CD-ROM of abstracts and title references from 1961 to the present, and that it would be released by February 1999 (so close!).

So how to represent it in the bib/mfhd? As its own thing? As a supplement? (to which issue?) As an index? Is it worth keeping in the library collection if it won’t run on our typical computers? Was version 1.1 ever released? Can it be reformatted?

Serial inventory = good times.

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