Aulularia / T. Maccius Plautus ; with notes critical and exegetical and an introduction by Wilhelm Wagner. (OCLC #968214555)

This print-on-demand facsimile of an 1876 book was missing a page (perhaps because the original was missing a page), so the printer included the missing content as a photocopy from what appears to be a different edition. We’ll probably make a pocket for it, as we would folded maps.

A few years ago I presented at the ALA Preservation Administrators Interest Group about reprints and reproductions as preservation copies, in which I caution against replacing brittle originals with crisp new photocopies; though much of the metadata may be the same, you may end up with slightly different content. (This was not such a replacement, and the content is likely fine for most purposes, but this kind of thing always gives me pause.)

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