A taste of power / Elaine Brown. (OCLC #30385250)

It’s a fun day when we get an unusual format (a book on tape!) and get to look up all those codes. The 33X are:

336 __ ǂa spoken word ǂb spw ǂ2 rdacontent
337 __ ǂa audio ǂb s ǂ2 rdamedia
338 __ ǂa audiocassette ǂb ss ǂ2 rdacarrier

And the 007 is:

ǂa s ǂb s ǂd l ǂe s ǂf n ǂg j ǂh l ǂi c

which is:

  • ǂa s – sound recording
  • ǂb s – sound cassette
  • ǂd l – speed: 1 7/8 ips (inches per second), the speed of standard cassettes
  • ǂe s – stereophonic sound
  • ǂf n – item does not have grooves (like a record)
  • ǂg j – height and width of cassette: 3 7/8 × 2 ½ in. (standard)
  • ǂh l – tape width: 1/8 in. (standard)
  • ǂi cquarter track configuration

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