One drop / Elixer Productions Inc. (OCLC #48113659)

RDA 2.3.2 on Title Proper says to take this element from the preferred source of information, which for videorecordings is the title frame or frames (RDA

245 00 ǂa One drop / ǂc Elixer Productions Inc.

There is an alternative, which is to use a label with a title that is permanently printed on or affixed to the manifestation in preference to the title frame or frames. Policy statements vary on this alternative, with NLA PS and LAC PS saying not to apply the alternative, D-A-CH AWR saying to apply the alternative, and BL PS saying to use cataloguer’s judgement (LC PCC PS provides no guidance). We do not apply the alternative, and instead record any label or container title as a variant title:

246 1_ ǂi Title on cassette label: ǂa One drop rule

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