Trees of Appalachia : a guide to common native species / photos & text: Keith A. Bradley. (OCLC #930539164)

This guide to trees in Appalachia is laminated; if you’re specifically looking for a resource that won’t be damaged when you cram it into your hiking pack or drop it into the river, this feature would be nice to see in the catalog record.

RDA 3.6 on Base Material says that the element is not core, but should be recorded if considered important for identification or selection. A list of values is provided, with the instruction that “If none of the terms in the list is appropriate or sufficiently specific, use another concise term or terms to indicate a base material.” We didn’t feel like any of them (even “plastic”) were precise/clear enough, so we went with “laminated paper”. The RDA-MARC mapping in RDA Toolkit says that this element (along with many others) is recorded in 300ǂb:

    300  1 folded sheet (12 unnumbered pages) :
      ǂb laminated paper, chiefly color illustrations ;
      ǂc 24 cm

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