The Louisville Water Company project / University of Kentucky College of Design. (OCLC #874556403)

RDA Appendix A.4 describes how to capitalize the title of a manifestation, and includes the instruction to follow Appendix A.10-A.55 as well. For example, A.13 is for capitalization of place names; A.16 is for capitalization of corporate bodies.

But what is this title referring to? A water company project in Louisville? A project surrounding the Louisville Water Company? A named project, called Louisville Water Company Project?

I skimmed the text and found lots of references to the Louisville Water Company (LWC) capitalized as such, but not the Louisville Water Company Project, so I decided to capitalize only the corporate body LWC.

An argument could be made to capitalize Project as well; projects are corporate bodies under RDA, and the book’s text does reference The River Cities Project, which this is part of. Projects are corporate bodies under RDA, so we could follow the rules there and capitalize as The Louisville Water Company Project.

Fortunately, indexing will rarely be affected either way, so it’s mainly a style choice.