Organic nanostructures : science and applications = Nanostrutture organiche : scienza e tecnologia / edited by V.M. Agranovich and G.C. La Rocca, directors of the course, Varenna on Como Lake, Villa Monastero, 31 July – 10 August 2001. (OCLC #51168671) and others.

I just received a box of books containing notes like these – they are GREAT!

Having also worked in system administration/tech support for years, I appreciate a well-formed help request with all of the information that I need, which in this case is:

  • what the problem looks like (and how to trigger it)
  • what has been tried so far
  • how it should ideally be resolved
  • who sent the item
  • who should be contacted with questions

These are a major improvement over a box I received last week in campus mail, which had only a brief post-it note on the outside of the box!