La naissance du texte proustien / édité par Sjef Houppermans, Nell de Hullu-van Doeselaar, Manet van Montfrans, Annelies Schulte Nordholt, Sabine van Wesemael. (OCLC #863433093)

This collection of essays has five editors with Dutch names (one of them hyphenated!), so I got to look up the RDA rules for their recording/sorting these. RDA F.11.3 (on Dutch and Flemish names) says to record the part following the prefix first, unless the prefix is “ver”, in which case the prefix comes first. Apparently “ver” is a contraction of “van der” and is often joined to the front of the surname, as in Johannes Vermeer, though the example given in RDA (Ver Boven, Daisy) is not joined. Even if not actually joined, it seems reasonable to shelve the Dutch “Vermeer"s and "Ver Meer”’s together.