Hold the fort; the story of a song from the sawdust trail to the picket line / by Paul J. Scheips. (OCLC #172805)

This piece is about a particular song, so an access point for that title appears as a subject in the record:

600 10 ǂa Bliss, P. P. ǂq (Philip Paul), ǂd 1838-1876.
ǂt Hold the fort.

The free-floating subdivision “History and criticism” is only for use under general literary, music, film, television program, and video recording form headings (not individual titles), so we can use it in an additional heading:

650 _0 ǂa Songs ǂz United States ǂx History and criticism.

Note the difference from the similar-sounding “Criticism and interpretation”, which is for use under people.