Molis chorisa [videorecording]. (OCLC #502990397)

(It’s a brand new year on a brand new system! But the cataloging problems keep coming…)

I identified the language on this DVD as Greek, but was not feeling confident about reading the flowery script or transliterating it. I was grateful to find a publisher number on the spine that I could search for using the Publisher number (mn:) field:

    mn: 582333

There’s no specific RDA element for this data other than Identifier for the Manifestation (RDA 2.15)). This particular Identifier for the Manifestation is recorded in MARC 028:

    028 01 ǂa 582333 ǂb Odeon

Some other identifiers for the manifestation also have their own specific MARC fields, such as ISBN (020) and ISSN (022).