Do it the hard way; Rube Goldberg and modern times. (OCLC #111971)

This government document has a pop-up of a Rube Goldberg machine! It is a fairly simple one, similar to this noise-maker.

RDA does not specifically address pop-up or otherwise movable books, so I looked at LC’s guidelines for Toy and Moveable (T&M) books. Following those guidelines, I included a 500 note:

500 __ ǂa Includes pop-up illustration of a Rube Goldberg machine.

but as there was only only illustration like this, I did not go so far as to include the subject heading:

650 _0 ǂa Pop-up books ǂv Specimens.

A history of witchcraft : sorcerers, heretics, and Pagans / Jeffrey B. Russell. (OCLC #70277995)

RDA on Recording Illustrative Content has an optional addition, which is to record the number of illustrations if the number can be readily ascertained. This piece has “With 94 illustrations” recorded directly on the title page, so this could have been recorded in the Physical description field as:

300 __ ǂa 192 pages : ǂb 94 illustrations ; ǂc 24 cm

NLA says to apply the addition if considered important for identification or selection, and BL leaves it up to cataloger’s judgment (but no mention in LC-PCC PS).

The AACR2 copy we used included this information in a note:

500 __ ǂa "With 94 illustrations."

Weavers of the Southern Highlands / Philis Alvic. (OCLC #884918404)

RDA 7.15 on Illustrative Content says “If the resource contains illustrative content, record illustration or illustrations, as appropriate.” There is an optional alternative to additionally (or instead) specify the types of illustrations (such as maps, coats of arms, or music) if they are important for identification or selection. The different national libraries have varying policies on this:

  • Library of Congress/PCC: Generally do not be more specific
  • National Library of Australia: Generally do be more specific.
  • British Library: Generally do not, except for maps
  • (I thought DA-C-H said to use your discretion, but don’t see that now)

Our local policy is to record specific types when they seem useful, so in this case I recorded the existence of both general illustrations and maps in the MARC 300 variable field:

300 __ ǂa 1 online resource (xxiv, 234 pages) :
                ǂb illustrations, maps

as well as in the fixed field:

Ills: ab__

Teoría y práctica del análisis cinematográfico : la seducción luminosa / Lauro Zavala Alvarado. (OCLC #670478948)

RDA on Recording Illustrative Content says to disregard illustrated title pages and other minor illustrations, but what makes an illustration minor?  Just drop caps, or little flowers between sections?

This particular book has clip art at the start of each chapter, like a film canister, a movie screen, or a director’s chair, but never anything so substantial as a photo of a director, or a still image from a film. If a patron were using the record to help choose a book (Cutter’s 3rd objective of the catalog), recording that the book has illustrations might mislead them, so I chose to disregard.