Tax reform act of 1969, H.R. 13270 : part A–testimony to be received Tuesday, September 16, 1969; part B–additional statements (topics: capital gains, restricted stock, lump-sum distributions under pension and profit-sharing plans) / Committee on Finance, United States Senate. (OCLC #10908435) and others.

While analyzing this set of testimonies about the Tax Reform Act of 1969, I refined my search for each volume by adding the date that the testimony was to be received, as it is part of each title’s volume. One volume could not be retrieved this way because its date was entered as “September l6” (with a lowercase L instead of a one). I actually found this volume by doing a SuDoc number search in Connexion:

gn: Y4F49T1926Sept16

(all spaces and punctuation are removed in this index!)

In a similar error, several volumes of this set have incorrect SuDoc numbers in the monthly catalog:

Y 4.F 49:T 19/26/0ct.3

(zero instead of capital O!)