Construction technology for high rise buildings : handbook / Bassem M. M. (OCLC #949269919)

This book’s title page has the author’s name as “Bassem M. M.” by includes the full name on the title page verso, “Bassem Mulia Mahmoud”. Following RDA 2.4.2, I recorded the statement of responsibility as found on the same source as the title proper (the title page):

    245 10 ǂa Construction technology for high rise buildings : 
        ǂb handbook / ǂc Bassem M. M.

I created the access point following RDA, choosing the fuller form when neither form predominates:

    100 1_ ǂa Mahmoud, Bassem Mulia, ǂe author.

Had I chosen the form with initials, how would I form the access point? Like below?

    M., Bassem M.

What about a version including the fuller form?

How did you determine that Mahmoud is the family name?

This was partly a guess. I know that Mahmoud is common as both a given name and a surname, but I have only seen Bassem as a given name. I Facebook-stalked folks named “Bassem Mahmoud” and found that they had relatives named “Mahmoud” but not “Bassem”, so that seemed consistent. I know that generally Arabs don’t have “middle names”, but often have their father’s name in that position, though I’d never heard “Mulia” as a name.

To add extra confusion, I did further searching to see if I could find anything else about this author, and found references to what might have been a previous edition or related book with the author’s name spelled:

Basem Munla Mahmood

That is, ALL words in the name had different spelling than what was on the volume I had in hand. I was unable to find anything authoritative (searching only in English and for transliterated forms) about the author so for now I’m sticking with what’s on the piece. I’m not confident enough to make him an authority record though.

(If anyone has extra insight on this, I’d be happy to hear it!)