The Charleston-Nebo allochthon : missing link of the Sevier belt. (OCLC #874157910)

While cataloging these geology field trip reports, I’ve been wanting to add an access points for the field trip leaders, but wasn’t sure if they were technically contributors to the book in hand – does that matter?

I must have contributor in my head from Dublin Core. The list of relationship designators at RDA I.2.2 is “Relationship Designators for Other Persons, Families, or Corporate Bodies Associated with a Work”, which they definitely qualify as. In fact, the term organizer fits them perfectly:

A person, family, or corporate body organizing the exhibit, event, conference, etc., which gave rise to a work.

So, Kurt and Ned get to have access points in the record:

700 1_ Constenius, Kurt N. ǂq (Kurt Norman), ǂe organizer.
700 1_ Sterne, Ned, ǂe organizer.