Standard method of test for titanium dioxide in paper / American Society for Testing and Materials. (OCLC #954185991)

According to the LC-PCC PS for RDA 1.7.1, square brackets should not be used in quoted notes to mark inaccuracies (as we did in AACR2); instead, the inaccuracy should be explained in that same note, as in:

500 __ ǂa "American National Standard P3.8-1971, approved
    May 20, 1971, Anerican National Standards Institute."
    Approval agency is incorrect; should be American National
    Standards Institute.

Though this seems a bit more awkward than the AACR2 method of either including [sic] or a correction in square brackets, like:

... Anerican [i.e. American] National ...

it does explain the correction being made clearly, and includes both forms of the phrase in the record for phrase searching.