200 motels / a Murakami Wolf/Bizarre production ; story and screenplay by Frank Zappa ; shooting script by Tony Palmer ; produced by Jerry Good, Herb Cohen ; characterizations directed by Frank Zappa ; visuals directed by Tony Palmer. (OCLC #1049173374)

The record I derived this my original record from included these statements in a 520, with no indication that they were taken from the container or similar

When the film is inspired, one gets a glimpse of the convoluted terrain of Zappa’s mind; when it is not, moments can drag, but one must admit that only Frank Zappa could make such a film, let alone release it. A bemused Ringo Starr does not so much steal the film as temporarily rescuscitate it.

Do subjective reviews belong in catalog records?

The same 520 also mentions that this was “the first color movie made on videotape and then transferred to film”, also not on the container, but supported by its Wikipedia article, with a citation. Does this belong in the record?

For my original record, I copied the description from the container:

    520 __ ǂa "200 Motels is Frank Zappa's outrageous, psychedelic
        precursor to the birth of the music video"--Container.

but was left wondering if the information in the fuller description was more useful, and if this was a good place for it.