Modeling history. (OCLC #988928518)

Sometimes I receive oddly-shaped materials for cataloging, such as this book with uncut pages (on the bottom) that are intended to stay uncut. Only the outsides are numbered, and the resulting “pocket” in many cases holds loose photos/cards. I was able to find copy (thank you EYM), so didn’t have to wonder about this one very long.

The physical description is done as:

300  __ ǂa 63 pages : ǂb illustrations (some color) ; ǂc 29 cm
    + ǂe 16 cards.

This is correct, as 63 is the last numbered page in the volume. While it is thicker than the average 63-page book, using this number is not “misleading” in a RDA sense; it correctly describes the number of pages with content, and similar standards are followed for traditional Japanese books with double leaves.

They did include a concise note to explain the weirdness:

500 __ ǂa Pages uncut at bottom, with cards inserted between
    pages in photography section.

Dějiny české řeči a literatury, v redakcích z roku 1791, 1792 a 1818. Vydal Benjamin Jedliěka. (OCLC #12075881)

This gift book arrived in cataloging with some of its pages still uncut! It will have to go to preservation to have them cut before it is made available to our patrons.