Записки неохотника : неполное собрание текстов / Борис Ванталов. (OCLC #654857782)

This piece was forwarded to me for subject heading work when it was identified as possibly being literary criticism, possibly due to the Z in the second cutter of its existing call number: PG3489.3.A53 Z16 2008

This particular book appears primarily to be a collection of works of the author (mini-novels, essays, etc) so I would classify it “Separate works. By title” in Table P-PZ40, which is .xA61-.xZ458. (I could also see an argument for .A6, “Selected works. Selections”, but I don’t think any of the included texts had previous wide publication.) The romanized title starts “Zapiski” so second cutter is early in the Z’s.

That Z is often a good signal though; general literary criticism for an author with a single cutter does get second cutter .Z5-.Z999, so it is shelved after all of the author’s actual works.

There was some literary criticism included near the end of the book, so I added the subject heading anyway to aid in discovery.

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