Lebbeus Woods is an archetype. (OCLC #871557316)

This is the longest “cover title” I’ve seen yet! I decided to only include it as a quoted note, as it was so different from the title that appears on the title page and spine.

This is a collection of reproductions from an architecture exhibition, so gets a class number (including first cutter) for the artist (NA737.W66) subarranged by table N6, which says to use A4 for reproductions. This is the second such book from that artist from 2013 that we have in our catalog; if I hadn’t checked, they’d end up with the same call number!

Typically when you have two titles about the same subject by the same author, the item number (cutter) should be adjusted to shelflist, but the N6 table does not allow it; in this case, the call number gets a small letter b after the year:

NA737.W66 A4 2013b

This one also had a surprise in its ISBN. When I scanned in the barcode on the back, it also had a small b at the end! The title page verso has the version without the ‘b’, but the publisher has already used the ISBN for another title, so maybe they needed a way to distinguish between them. I included the version with the b in an 020ǂz in case other catalogers scan it in looking for copy.

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