Support/materialise. Columns, walls, floors / editors Alexander Reichel, Kerstin Schultz ; authors Henning Baurmann, Jan Dilling, Claudia Euler, Julius Niederwöhrmeier ; translation from German into English, Hartwin Busch. (OCLC #864390940)

I initially misread the pipe (“|”) in the title as a capital letter I. I read it over and over, trying to sort out its meaning “Support I materialise”? Fortunately, the initial cataloger had misread it the same way (so did Amazon!) so there was no problem finding copy. However, pipe is not an ALA character, so I had to represent it another way. Though RDA 1.7.5 says to ignore typographical devices that are used as separators, I followed the LC-PCC PS (and the example of another volume in the series) and used a slash, for consistency, and because it can be done without serious distortion or loss of intelligibility. I did include the version with capital I as a title variant.

Also, the ISBN actually on the piece is from an old edition with a slightly different title, and the ISBN in all online records I’ve found for this edition is not actually on the piece. I’ve included both in the record, because I’m not sure which is more authoritative.

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