Geology of the foothills and front ranges west of Calgary, Alberta : guidebook / compilers and leaders, Thomas E. Kubli and Robert J. Leibel. (OCLC #874154841)

Cataloging these geology field trip guidebooks, I have been adding access points for the meeting in a 711, but feeling weird about not linking them with relators. Are there even relator terms whose descriptions refer to meetings of conferences? Also, ǂe of 711 has a different meaning (“subordinate unit”), so where would the relator go?

RDA Chapter 11 says that conferences (also events like festivals) are considered corporate bodies, and that chapter includes instructions for recording the number of a conference, so relators that are used for corporate bodies can be used for conferences when that makes sense.

The OCLC Bib Formats page for 711 says that there is a subfield for relators: ǂj. (Apparently this subfield has been around since OCLC Tech Bulletin 255 in 2008 – who knew?)

For this record, I added the access point, complete with the relator term:

711 2_ ǂa AAPG Convention ǂd (1992 : ǂc Calgary, Alberta),
              ǂj sponsoring body.

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