RDA Tip of the Week: Relator terms for Meetings

Most relator terms in an RDA MARC record will appear in a ǂe of the access point field. For example:

100 1_ ǂa Snicket, Lemony, ǂe author.
700 1_ ǂa Klassen, Jon, ǂe illustrator.
710 2_ ǂa IBM de Chile, ǂe sponsoring body.

The added entry field for Meeting names, 711, uses ǂe for a different element (“subordinate unit”), so in that field, the relator term goes in a ǂj. For example, if you want to add an access point for a conference as a sponsoring body, it is encoded like:

711 2_ ǂa AAPG Convention ǂd (1992 : ǂc Calgary, Alberta),
         ǂj sponsoring body.

Similarly, subfield ǂj is also used for the relator term in 111, 611 and 811.

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