我应该是一只很棒的牧羊犬 / (美)查尔斯·舒尔茨 (Charles M. Schulz) 著 ; 王延,杜鹃,徐敏佳译. (OCLC #877831111)

I was unable to determine if this was a Chinese translation of a previously published Peanuts book, or just a collection of translations of comics from 1971. I treated it like the latter (I couldn’t find a book with a title like “I would have made a good sheep dog!”), cuttering based on the Romanization of the title proper, which starts with “Wo ying gai shi …”

Also, I had to look up the syntax for parallel series statement, which I hadn’t done in recent memory:

490 1_ ǂa Snoopy books = ǂa 史努比的故事. 第一辑 ; ǂv 4

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