Philo, with an English translation by F.H. Colson and G.H. Whitaker. (OCLC #3142478)

We own two full sets of this title (each with 10 main volumes + 2 supplements); one is an original printing (title page says 1929) and one is a reprint from the 1980’s. They were on separate records (with one set’s supplements each on their own records) and used different classifications and enumerations. Their content was the same (and copies similar enough to be on the same record) so I wanted to bring them together, both in the catalog and on the shelf.

I cataloged both sets on the same record, each with their own holdings record. I modified the call number on the reprint (adding ‘b’ to the end) so that each set would be filed together as a whole, and so that the volumes would not be flagged as duplicates.

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