Le tsunami numérique : éducation, tout va changer! Êtes-vous prêts? / Emmanuel Davidenkoff. (OCLC #880358053)

The LC-PCC PS for RDA (describing the formatting for contents notes) says to omit chapter and section numbering in that note. This would have been a bit odd in this book, whose first few chapters are:

  • 1. Machines versus profs, la guerre des mondes
  • 2. MOOC story
  • 3… D

Chapter 3 is about 3D printers, so the chapter heading is formatted slightly differently, with the chapter title including the chapter number.

To keep things simple and clear, I mostly followed the PS but recorded the odd chapter title as it was likely intended:

505 0_ ǂa Machines versus profs, la guerre des mondes -- MOOC
story -- 3... D -- Design or decline -- Coopération versus
sélection -- Le marché mondial des talents -- Imagine -- L'école
et le syndrome Kodak -- Chronique d'une privatisation annoncée --
L'innovation, un arte povera -- Du marché scolaire à la
marchandisation de l'école.

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