Delphi series. Volume I / featuring Anna Leahy, Karen L. George, & Robert Perry Ivey. (OCLC #964631912)

The MARC 505 (Formatted Contents Note) in its basic format contains only one subfield ǂa with a contents note marked up with ISBD punctuation:

505 0_ ǂa Sharp miracles / by Anna Leahy -- The fire circle /
    by Karen L. George -- Letters to my daughter / by Robert
    Perry Ivey.

There are subfields for doing further markup, such as ǂt for titles and ǂr for statement of responsibility, and some ILS will even honor those and index the contents as titles and authors respectively:

505 00 ǂt Sharp miracles / ǂr by Anna Leahy -- ǂt The fire
    circle / ǂr by Karen L. George -- ǂt Letters to my daughter /
    ǂr by Robert Perry Ivey.

This is not the ideal way to index them however; the authors’ names are not in their authorized forms here, the statements of responsibility may include words like “by”, and the titles may include non-filing words like “The”. (There is a subfield ǂg for “Miscellaneous information” which could theoretically be used to “remove” such things, but the MARC documentation specifically says NOT to use it for that purpose.) For this reason, it is best to also include added entries for indexing:

700 12 ǂa Leahy, Anna, ǂd 1965- ǂt Sharp miracles.
700 12 ǂa George, Karen ǂq (Karen L.). ǂt Fire circle.
700 12 ǂa Ivey, Robert Perry. ǂt Letters to my daughter.

Les cités magiques / Jean-Michel Angebert. (OCLC #1503805)

This book describes seven magic cities, whose names are not in the title of the book. We would also not generally include all of them as subject headings, because of the rule of three; they are summarized by the single heading:

650 _0 ǂa Cities and towns ǂv Miscellanea.

For subject access by individual cities, our best bet is to count on keyword access via the contents note:

505 0_ ǂa Thèbes, cité royale -- Jérusalem, cité sainte -- Rome, la
ville éternelle -- Prague, la ville aux cent tours -- Machu-Pichu,
la cité perdue des Andes -- Bénarès, la ville sacrée -- Lhassa et
son double : Schamballah.

Le tsunami numérique : éducation, tout va changer! Êtes-vous prêts? / Emmanuel Davidenkoff. (OCLC #880358053)

The LC-PCC PS for RDA (describing the formatting for contents notes) says to omit chapter and section numbering in that note. This would have been a bit odd in this book, whose first few chapters are:

  • 1. Machines versus profs, la guerre des mondes
  • 2. MOOC story
  • 3… D

Chapter 3 is about 3D printers, so the chapter heading is formatted slightly differently, with the chapter title including the chapter number.

To keep things simple and clear, I mostly followed the PS but recorded the odd chapter title as it was likely intended:

505 0_ ǂa Machines versus profs, la guerre des mondes -- MOOC
story -- 3... D -- Design or decline -- Coopération versus
sélection -- Le marché mondial des talents -- Imagine -- L'école
et le syndrome Kodak -- Chronique d'une privatisation annoncée --
L'innovation, un arte povera -- Du marché scolaire à la
marchandisation de l'école.

Yield gains in major U.S. field crops / Stephen Smith, Brian Diers, James Specht, and Brett Carver, editors. (OCLC #880168370)

A book containing multiple chapters may be considered a collection of separate works, with a whole-part or “contains” relationship. The rules for describing this relationship in RDA are in Chapter 25, Related Works. In general this can be recorded with a statement like:

Contains: Barley -- Cotton -- Cool-season forages.

As we are encoding the record in MARC, the “Contains:” phrase is not needed; it is specified by the first indicator of the 505. More details can be found in the LC-PCC PS for RDA

Though recording this relationship is not required, I did not find doing so for this book burdensome, and the resulting statement was dense with helpful keywords:

505 0_ ǂa Barley -- Cotton -- Cool-season forages -- Lettuce
  and spinach -- Edible grain legumes -- Maize -- Peanut -- Potato
  -- Rangeland and warm-season forage grasses -- Rice -- Sorghum --
  Soybean -- Sugarbeet -- Sugarcane -- Sunflower -- Wheat.