動物のお医者さん / ǂc 佐々木倫子. (OCLC #881816845)

That ad strip around the bottom of the book is called an “obi” (same word used for kimono sash). On this volume, it covers up a charming feature: the rooster has a soccer ball! (We’ll remove the obi before adding the mylar cover).

The author of this series is Sasaki Noriko, who seems to be a different person than “Sasaki, Noriko” (ethnology scholar) and “Sasaki, Noriko (Soprano)”, so I needed a different authorized access point. I checked VIAF and found a heading for her which matches the information I found in her Wikipedia article.

I initially thought about using an occupation in the heading, like “Sasaki, Noriko (Manga artist)” which might be easier to select at a glance, but RDA says to only use this if date of birth/death or fuller form are not available.

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