Imposters of God: inquiries into favorite idols. (OCLC #84666)

A single publication of a title may be part of multiple series, maybe even with different numbering in each. Statements about those series may appear together or separately on a variety of sources, including the main title page, a separate series title page, the cover, or even a publisher web site. To trace those series, use a pair of 490 (transcribed series statement) and 830 (authorized form) fields for each one, like:

    490 1_ ǂa Christian experience series ; ǂv 7
    490 1_ ǂa Witness books ; ǂv 11
    830 _0 ǂa Christian experience series ; ǂv 7.
    830 _0 ǂa Witness books ; ǂv 11.

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