What a modern Catholic believes about women / by Sister Albertus Magnus McGrath. (OCLC #324934)

This gift book is already labeled with a call number “SD82 M147”, which is from the Union Theological Seminary classification (SD82 = History of women, matriarchy).

Our library uses Library of Congress classification, so we reclassed as

BV639.W7 M37 1972

BV639.A-Z is The Church and special classes, A-Z, so the first cutter W7 is for “women” and the second cutter “M37” is for McGrath.

I have seen classifications where “Mc” at the beginning of a name is filed as though it were “Mac”, but LCC is not like that. In the Subject Cataloging Manual on Shelflisting, under Filing rules (G 100), Rule 15 (“Names with a Prefix”) says that a prefix that is part of a name or place is treated as a separate word unless it is joined to the rest of the name directly or by an apostrophe (without a space), and should be filed letter by letter, and has as an example filing order:

  Marshall, Catherine, 1914-
  McGrath, Suzanne
  Metal products manufacturing

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