Occult renaissance, 1972-2008; the great prophecy for the golden age of occultism, by Louis T. Culling with epilogue by Carl L. Weschcke. (OCLC #393792)

This title has an odd page early on, with a note from the author:

This is my official statement made December 9, 1971

I hereby grant all rights to my small book which is the prophecy of the Golden Era of Occultism to begin at the Spring Equinox 1972–including the right to copyright same under your name, Carl Weschcke.

Signed this day of 9th of December 1971 by the Author and Grantor.

Louis T. Culling

Indeed, the title page verso includes the statement:

Copyright © 1972 by Carl L. Weschcke

RDA has no element for copyright holder, only for Copyright Date, so this information is not included in the record.

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