New Orleans street map : features full street index, schools, shopping malls ; included Gretna, Harahan, Kenner … orientation map. (OCLC #881472331)

Due to recent staffing changes and re-organization, our map cataloger is now part of my cataloging and metadata group. I am beyond delighted! She’s great, and map cataloging problems are wily ones.

This map appears to have two copyright statements from different corporate bodies, and different dates. The cover lists Rand McNally ©2013, and the statement below the legend has the publisher GM Johnson & Associates ©2014.

RDA on Copyright Dates says that when multiple copyright dates apply to a single aspect (and I don’t have any evidence that they are for specific aspects) to record only the latest copyright date. Stonybrook’s guide even mentions this case specifically for maps. We also included both firms as publishers in a single 264 field:

    264 _1 ǂa [Burnaby, B.C.] : ǂb GM Johnson & Associates ;
        ǂa Chicago, IL : ǂb Rand McNally, ǂc [2014]

Library of Congress’s training materials say it would be incorrect to use separate 264s for this.


Occult renaissance, 1972-2008; the great prophecy for the golden age of occultism, by Louis T. Culling with epilogue by Carl L. Weschcke. (OCLC #393792)

This title has an odd page early on, with a note from the author:

This is my official statement made December 9, 1971

I hereby grant all rights to my small book which is the prophecy of the Golden Era of Occultism to begin at the Spring Equinox 1972–including the right to copyright same under your name, Carl Weschcke.

Signed this day of 9th of December 1971 by the Author and Grantor.

Louis T. Culling

Indeed, the title page verso includes the statement:

Copyright © 1972 by Carl L. Weschcke

RDA has no element for copyright holder, only for Copyright Date, so this information is not included in the record.


Environmental geology today / Robert L. McConnell, Daniel C. Abel. (OCLC #635477370)

More like Environmental geology tomorrow! Though we have had the book in hand since February 2014, it has copyright date 2015 (even on the publisher web site) and no stated publication date.

The OCLC BibFormats page for field 260 has a nice table that says: in the case where the book is received one year but only has a copyright date of the following year, it should be treated as having a single date (the copyright date).