Moravsko slikarstvo. : La peinture de lÉ̕cole de la Morava / Koncepcija i realizacija izložbe: Zdenka Živković [i dr.] Vojislav J. Đurić: Zidno slikarstvo Moravske škole. (OCLC #18590741)

This title is in Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic) and French, as indicated in this note:

546 __ ǂa In Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic) and French.

There is no MARC language code for Serbo-Croatian, but there are codes for its standard forms Serbian (srp), Croatian (hrv), and Bosnian (bos). This record uses the code for Serbian

Lang: srp

which makes sense, as it was published out of Belgrade.

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