Basic English grammar for dummies / by Geraldine Woods. (OCLC #945962467)

The front matter of this book did not contain the phrase “UK edition” anywhere, so I was worried that I would not be able to use the good-quality popular record for the title in OCLC. Flipping through the content, I did suspect that it might be a British edition, seeing statements like:

  • Louis changes nappies but he does not wash them.
  • Pete teaches maths and science. (This is his job.)
  • Carmen filled the tank with petrol.

I looked more closely and spotted the words “UK Edition” right below the Dummies Man on the upper left corner, nearly covered by our barcode! I was able to use the good and popular record after all.

Also, the book contains many excellent sentences:

  • Oops. I bumped into the beehive.
  • Into the mud puddle stepped Elena.
  • Somebody should use more soap and deodorant!

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