Ďáblovo kopyto a jiné případy Sherlocka Holmese = The adventure of the devil’s foot and other cases of Sherlock Holmes / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ; z angličtiny přeložila Eva Kondrysová. (OCLC #954520771)

Most modern authors have only a small portion of the Library of Congress classification in which to place their works: just one cutter. For example, all of Stephen King’s works are classed under PS3561.I483.

For some very prolific authors, and authors about whom much has been written, a larger block of the schedule may be reserved for them. For example, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has five numbers (PR4620-4624) and the table P-PZ35 details how works should be arranged within those numbers.

Individual works by Doyle are all in PR4622, cuttered by the title, so for “Adventure of the devil’s foot” we can start with:


Works related to each title are further subarranged by P-PZ43. Translations of the work into other languages receive a cutter for that language. This piece is a Czech translation, so that’s:

    PR4622.A36 C93

Adding the publication year gives our whole call number:

    PR4622.A36 C93 2006

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