Transportation Research Board 93rd annual meeting : January 12-16, 2014 : Washington, D.C. / Transportation Research Board of the National Academies. (OCLC #893873444)

This conference proceedings (mostly text-based papers) was distributed on a flash drive, making its content/media/carrier fields:

    336 ǂa text ǂb txt ǂ2 rdacontent
    337 ǂa computer ǂb c ǂ2 rdamedia
    338 ǂa computer chip cartridge ǂb cb ǂ2 rdacarrier

The definition for “computer chip cartridge” in the RDA registry is:

“A carrier type consisting of a cartridge containing a miniaturized electronic circuit on a small wafer of semiconductor silicon, designed to provide additional processing, memory, or storage capacity.”

The extent, as recommended by RDA (alternative), is much more recognizeable:

    300 __ ǂa 1 USB flash drive

Antología de la poesía oral-traumática, cósmica y esquizofrénica de Enrique Valle / por Fredo Arias de la Canal. (OCLC #879577035)

I initially found a Spanish-language record for this title, and was happy to see that it was an RDA record with Spanish-language terms in 33X ( texto / no mediado / volumen ). The Spanish translation of RDA is not yet available in RDA toolkit, so I peeked into the French version. It lists the same carrier types (using French terms) and they have the same codes as the English terms! This says great things for international sharing of RDA records.