Transportation Research Board 93rd annual meeting : January 12-16, 2014 : Washington, D.C. / Transportation Research Board of the National Academies. (OCLC #893873444)

This conference proceedings (mostly text-based papers) was distributed on a flash drive, making its content/media/carrier fields:

    336 ǂa text ǂb txt ǂ2 rdacontent
    337 ǂa computer ǂb c ǂ2 rdamedia
    338 ǂa computer chip cartridge ǂb cb ǂ2 rdacarrier

The definition for “computer chip cartridge” in the RDA registry is:

“A carrier type consisting of a cartridge containing a miniaturized electronic circuit on a small wafer of semiconductor silicon, designed to provide additional processing, memory, or storage capacity.”

The extent, as recommended by RDA (alternative), is much more recognizeable:

    300 __ ǂa 1 USB flash drive