Cotton flour bag (sack) towels : a recorded voluntary standard of the trade. (OCLC #890720497)

Cataloging commercial standards creates a fun opportunity to look up subject headings I’ve never used before, like:

    650 _0 ǂa Dish towels ǂx Standards.

There is also a code for the Cont: fixed field for titles containing standards and specifications:

    Cont: u

A search for an LC classification correlated to “Dish towels” produced no results (though I was pleased to see Dishwashing–Fiction nearby), but the broader term “Towels” suggested TS1781, which is for Miscellaneous textiles including bagging, shawls, towels, etc. so we have the call number:

    TS1781 ǂb .C68 1951

Fundamentals of matrix-analytic methods / Qi-Ming He. (OCLC #829754638)

The preface of this book was incredibly helpful in assigning the call number. The copy in OCLC already had a subject assigned (“Matrix analytic methods”) but needed a full call number. I did a correlations search in Classification Web which gave the class number QA274.2, which corresponds to “Stochastic analysis”, a broader term of “Matrix analytic methods”. So is that the right class number?

The preface of the book has a nice section called “Topics and organization of the book” which lists the broad topics of each chapter, including Poisson processes, Markov chains, and Queuing theory, all of which are narrower terms of “Stochastic processes” (a broader term “Stochastic analysis” even). I went with the broader class number, QA274, and added a few more subject headings for the other topics covered in depth.

QA274.2 may not seem far from QA274, but in my library, there would be about 100 books between them!